Aki Energy offers turnkey energy project management that maximizes local economic benefits. 

Sustainable and Efficient Energy Development

Done right, sustainable and efficient energy development does two things, it saves money for communities and it creates local employment opportunities. 

At Aki Energy, we work with First Nations to identify cost effective energy options, ranging from solar thermal to biomass and geothermal. What works depends on local priorities and local conditions - we will work with you to find the technology that meets your needs. 

Green Jobs Training 

Finding the right energy technology is only the first step. Aki Energy works with First Nations to identify and maximize local economic benefits. We harness the capacity that exists on First Nations, offering fully customized green job training tailored to the project. 

We offer training packages on geothermal installation, residential energy efficiency, and solar thermal installation. We can work with communities to maximize the economic benefits of biomass energy. Let's work together to figure out what works

Financing That Works

Sustainable and efficient energy comes with high upfront costs. Aki Energy works with First Nations to find financing solutions suited to local conditions and priorities. 

In Manitoba, we work with Manitoba Hydro's PAYS Financing system. This simple on-bill financing system means that Manitoba Hydro pays the full upfront cost of installation, financing that investment through the energy bill savings over a 20 year period. 


Aki Energy will work with local construction companies to install energy systems. Through our training programs, we can work with local tradespeople to get them the skills and industry certifications necessary to manage installation. 

Where necessary, Aki Energy will manage installation with external contractors. We prioritize working relationships with Aboriginally owned and controlled contracting companies, and can work to insure that a percentage of construction staff are hired at the local level.