About AKI Foods

Aki Foods is an Indigenous non-profit social enterprise focused on developing healthy food-based projects that promote employment opportunities and economic development in First Nations communities. In Northern First Nations across Canada, the cost of food is disproportionately high and the food quality is often of poor, we work with First Nations to increase access to healthy, affordable food, with an emphasis on working with communities to build strong, sustainable local food systems. 

The Meechim Project

The video below profiles the beginnings of “The Meechim Project”; a collaboration between Aki Energy (pre-dating Aki Foods), Four Arrows Regional Health Authority, partners at the University of Manitoba, and the Garden Hill First Nation in Northern Manitoba. Beginning in 2014, this project would initiate the work that would set forth the development of Aki Foods as a sister social enterprise of Aki Energy. The project aims to grow healthy, locally grown food for the community and provides education and training opportunities for Indigenous youth. Projects like ‘The Meechim Project’ work to find solutions to alleviate poverty and food insecurity while creating long term employment and sustainable economic development in the community.

Healthy Food Boxes

The Aki Foods Healthy Food Box service is a food box delivery service we provide to remote, predominantly Indigenous communities in Northern Manitoba. We currently offer 8 different types of healthy food boxes containing a variety of meat and produce necessary to maintain a healthy diet. This is part of our mission to increase access to affordable, healthy food to First Nations in Northern Manitoba. Because we ship fast and direct, our food is often fresher and retain more nutrition than what is available on local store shelves due to having a shorter time span between farm to table. As well, we work to ensure our prices are very competitive with many northern retailers and we differentiate our product by including shipping in the overall price of the box.

We currently offer healthy food boxes for sale to the following communities:

Garden Hill First Nation
Wasagamack First Nation
St. Theresa Point First Nation
Red Sucker Lake First Nation
Bunibonibee Cree Nation
Manto Sipi Cree Nation
Gods Lake First Nation

For more information, please call 1-888-212-4285, or check out our price list, or check our Facebook page for more information. Remember, all our prices include shipping!