Remove the high upfront cost barrier with sensible financing for investments in efficient and sustainable energy. 

Financing for Geothermal

Geothermal Energy saves money - often reducing heating and cooling bills by up to 75%. This is especially true in electrically heated First Nations, where conditions are often ideal for geothermal energy.


That said, geothermal energy comes with high upfront costs. Aki Energy works with First Nations to assess the technical and economic feasibility of geothermal energy, arrange financing, and offer overall project management services. 

Live in Manitoba? PAYS Financing.

For First Nations in Manitoba, Aki Energy works with Manitoba Hydro's PAYS Financing system. PAYS Financing allows First Nations to spread the initial cost of investment over 20 years at a 3.9% interest rate. Manitoba Hydro pays 100% of the upfront cost of geothermal energy, with financing repayment attached to the existing utility bill - so it's easy to compare financing charges to energy savings. 

Another advantage of PAYS Financing is this: the loan stays with the house, not the individual. People can move out of the home, and the financing charges stay where they belong - with the house. Additionally, individual credit scores are not an issue in accessing financing, just a good bill repayment history with Manitoba Hydro.

PAYS On-Bill Payment 


Live outside Manitoba? No problem.

We work with First Nations all over Canada. We would be happy to work with First Nations to set up financing for geothermal installation.