First Nations - Growing Green Economies

First Nations wishing to partner with Aki Energy to create sustainable 'green' jobs in their community through renewable energy or local food should contact Aki Energy directly to talk about what kind of project might be a fit for your community. While our work focuses on First Nations in Manitoba, we would be happy to discuss possible partnerships with First Nations across Canada. 

Aki Energy provides:

  • Project Development and Feasibility Analysis
  • Secure Financing
  • Green Energy Installation Training and Certification
  • Project Oversight and Support

Our goal is to work with First Nations to develop community owned green energy projects, and develop the community capacity to install and maintain those projects - creating sustainable jobs and business development opportunities. 

Aki Energy develops each project in partnership with First Nations - there is no one-size-fits-all model. We work with Chief and Council and community groups to determine the right fit for your community. Aki Energy would be happy to present on our past projects and current work to Chief and Council, Tribal Councils or community groups. Please contact to arrange a presentation. 

To date, our projects have included:

Green Energy

Aki Energy focuses on renewable energy projects that save First Nation's money on their energy bills from the very beginning, and creates sustainable employment and business development opportunities in First Nations. In Manitoba, this means that our work focuses on geothermal energy, solar thermal hot water heating and biomass energy.

1. Community-wide geothermal energy projects

2. Solar thermal hot water heating for residential and commercial buildings 

3. Biomass energy feasibility and project development

Local Food

1. Community 'Good Food Box' Program Development