Aki Energy is about creating sustainable green jobs for First Nations
— Darcy Wood, Executive Director

Geothermal energy is a great job creator, and is a growing sector in Manitoba and across Canada.

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We believe that First Nations can become leaders in geothermal energy development, both at home and in the broader economy.

In all of our projects, we work to ensure that investments in geothermal energy systems create jobs in the green economy. This can be as simple as providing employment opportunities for local people during installations, to providing extensive training and certification to local construction companies and support for long term economic development.

Training and Geothermal Certification

In all projects, we focus on the development of geothermal energy projects that will lead to long-term employment and economic growth

Geothermal energy provides employment opportunities both for in-experienced labourers and skilled tradespeople. 

Aki Energy offers training to existing First Nation's construction companies to become certified by the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA), allowing them to install geothermal energy systems at home, as well as bidding on outside jobs.  The training includes system maintenance and troubleshooting, so any problems that may arise can be taken care of locally. 

Aki Energy's geothermal training program ensures that investments in geothermal energy create local jobs, and benefit the local economy.