Aki Innovations Group

For too long we have used the same business models to solve indigenous problems/issues and we have been getting no where. AKI takes business tools and works to “indigenize them” – developing new approaches to old issues.

As true community change-agents, we listen to communities to help them:

  • Solve problems

  • Create capacity

  • Create jobs

We are solutions-providers, and we seek to develop solutions that build:

  • Opportunities

  • Communities

  • Enterprises

  • Entrepreneurs

Our Current Projects:


Renewable Energy

Within our first three years of operation, Aki Energy and our partners Fisher River Cree Nation and Peguis First Nation installed $6 million worth of energy efficient geothermal energy systems in 350 homes on four different First Nation’s in Canada. In 2015, the Fisher River Cree Nation and the Peguis First Nation in Manitoba signed agreements with Aki Energy and Manitoba Hydro to complete an additional $14 million worth of geothermal systems.


The Meechim Project

The Meechim Project is an integrated food security project based in Garden Hill First Nation, Manitoba, comprising of a farm and farm based educational programming such as “The Meechim Farm School” for young adults and “School-to-Farm” for elementary students.


Healthy Food Boxes

Aki Foods has partnered with a food supplier to bring you fresh, affordable, healthy food for you and your family! As an Indigenous non-profit organization, we strive to ensure that all people in the North can afford to eat healthy!

People. Planet. Prosperity. Passion.