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Aki Energy is an Aboriginal social enterprise, creating jobs on First Nations through geothermal energy. 



Aki Energy is an Aboriginal social enterprise linking First Nations to the green economy.

Sustainable Energy Development

Sustainable Energy Development

Geothermal Installation and Maintenance Training 

Geothermal Installation and Maintenance Training 



Geothermal Energy  

Many First Nations spend enormous sums of money on heating their buildings on an annual basis.  This is money that leaves the community, creating next to no employment.  

It doesn't have to be that way. Aki Energy is committed to lowering utility bills on First Nations by installing geothermal heat systems - they save money and create local jobs and business opportunities for First Nations. Find out how.

Job Training 

Aki Energy is about green jobs.

With the green economy growing rapidly across Canada, Aki Energy believes that First Nations can become leaders in geothermal energy development, both at home and in the broader economy. 

Aki Energy delivers comprehensive geothermal training programs to certify First Nations construction companies to install, maintain and service geothermal systems.

Project Financing  

Many cost-saving energy solutions come with high upfront costs. Aki Energy will work with First Nations partners to find financing solutions that work. 

In Manitoba, Aki Energy works with Manitoba Hydro's Pay-As-You-Save financing program to finance First Nations geothermal energy development. This on-bill financing system is simple to administer, and allows First Nations to invest in cost-effective efficient and sustainable energy today, without high upfront costs.