About AKI Energy

Aki Energy works with Manitoba First Nations to reduce energy costs through smart, cost effective investments in renewable energy. Aki Energy provides hands-on training to local tradespeople, ensuring that the project creates local employment and long term economic development opportunities. Aki Energy works with First Nations to provide technical expertise, financing development and project management to make sure the project stays on track and on budget. We only work with technologies that are currently cost effective - meaning that they will save communities money from day one. 

To date, Aki Energy has installed over 3 million dollars in renewable energy technologies in partnership with Manitoba First Nations. Watch the video below to learn more about our geothermal energy partnerships with Peguis First Nation and Fisher River Cree Nation. 

If your community is interested in learning more about how renewable energy can reduce energy bills and create jobs, get in touch with us.

Aki Energy is an Aboriginal Social Enterprise that works with First Nations to grow green economies in their communities.