AKI Solutions Group is a non-profit, First Nations managed social enterprise.

The company is always asking what a community needs, and it focuses its resources on finding relevant and effective solutions to meet those needs.

We pride ourselves on being solutions-finders, and to that end, AKI has been structured in a way that enables it to respond to each community request.

The company is truly passionate about the communities in which we work and the projects that we develop. 

The company has been built to value indigenous teachings and principles – and has incorporated those principles into the management process. It is this commitment to the teachings of the past that enables AKI to continue to be successful on each of the projects it initiates.

Finally, AKI is uniquely focused on leaving valuable legacies in the communities that they work. And as part of that legacy, we seek to leave the community with a change in thinking – where they understand that they are able to solve their own problems in the future.