Aki Energy Answers Opportunity to Create Prosperity

Aki Energy founders Shaun Loney (left), Darcy Wood (right)

Aki Energy founders Shaun Loney (left), Darcy Wood (right)

May 6 2013 - Aki Energy is proud to be a non-profit social enterprise. For those who may not be familiar with the term 'social enterprise,' it means that Aki Energy is a non-profit business with a triple bottom line - people, planet, profit. 

That means that in all the work we do, we strive to build stronger, healthier communities while improving and protecting the environment while maintaining a solid business foundation. At Aki Energy, we think that social enterprise provides a new approach to tackle some very old problems. It is time to focus on how we can work together to build prosperity in our communities, both Aboriginal and non-aboriginal, urban, rural and reserve. 

This is a great article by Social Enterprise Canada (a great resource on social enterprise), with an interview with one of Aki Energy's founding partners Shaun Loney. 

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